Annual School Admission Procedures - September 2021 Entry

The national application deadline for 2021 secondary school year 7 and primary reception class places has passed.

The online application portal will remain open for any Knowsley resident wishing to make a late application or a change of preference (revised application) after National Offer Day.

The portal may be briefly closed immediately prior to national offer dates when initial allocations are being completed but will reopen on each respective national offer day.
For more information, visit the late applications and change of preference page and access the portal 

  • Secondary school year 7 allocation results will be available on the Secondary National Offer Date of Monday 1 March 2021.
  • Primary school reception class allocation results will be available on the Primary National Offer Date of Friday 16 April 2021.

Knowsley residents who applied via the online application portal, will receive their allocation result by email or by accessing the portal here on the respective National Offer Date.

Other applicants will be issued with their allocation result by letter posted on National Offer Day (this could take up to three working days to arrive).

No information regarding allocation outcomes will be available until National Offer Date and, to protect your personal data, the Admissions Team will not discuss allocation results by telephone until it is clear that the allocation result has been received and within the expected timeframes. Allocation information discussed by telephone will normally only be with the named applicant and security checks may apply.

  • Where a place has been offered in a Knowsley School, there is no requirement to formally accept the place – it is assumed that your child will take up this placement in September.
  • If your child no longer requires the place you should contact Knowsley School Admissions by email to confirm this and the reason why the place is not required – please note the Local Authority will not typically withdraw places once they are offered unless it is confirmed that alternative education provision is in place for the child or in the circumstance that false information has been used to gain placement at an oversubscribed school.

Refusals: Where you have been refused a higher preference school than that allocated, it is because other applicants had a higher priority for the available places when the individual school oversubscription criteria was applied. For Knowsley schools, a breakdown of how places were allocated at schools that were oversubscribed in the allocation of on-time applications will be available after national offer day on this page of the website.


Waiting lists: Your child’s name will normally be on a waiting list for any school where a place has been refused. Waiting lists will remain open until December 2021 and if a place becomes available for your child from a waiting list you will be contacted. You can contact the admissions team to find out where your child is currently placed on a Knowsley school waiting list, but please be aware that waiting lists are ‘live’ and your child can move up or down the list depending on the activity of other applicants. Please notify the admissions team by email if you have any change of circumstance that could affect your child’s place on a waiting list (eg change of address).

Appeals: You have the right to appeal against any refusal of a school place to an independent appeal panel – more information can be found on the appeal page.
More detailed information can be found in the admissions pages of this website or in the Admissions Composite Prospectus


If you have a query regarding your application you can contact the Admissions Team by email to or by telephone to (0151) 443 5142 / 5143 / 3372 /3373

The Admissions Team receive a high volume of telephone and email queries following national offer dates. We aim to respond to any allocation related enquiry within 5 working days but we do request your patience and understanding as there could be delays.
Between the periods Monday 1 to Friday 5 March and Friday 16 to Thursday 22 April (excluding weekends) our telephone lines will be open from 9.30am to 4pm. At other times, the telephone contact hours are Monday to Friday 10am to 12noon or an answerphone facility is available to leave a message.  
The LA Admissions Team do not hold information regarding specific admission arrangements for reception classes or transition to secondary school, you will receive this communication directly from the school your child has been allocated as soon as possible.
If your enquiry relates to accepting an offer of place, the refusal of a school, waiting list placements or making an appeal for schools in other local authority areas, you must contact that authority directly for information or visit their website.