Bowring Park Managing Agent Project

Knowsley Council are looking to appoint a managing agent at Bowring Park to ensure its future success and sustainability.
Bowring Park has been the beneficiary of extensive renovations resulting in £3.7m investment to repair, renovate and restore key infrastructure and heritage areas of the site.  That investment has only been possible with a contribution of £1.8m by Knowsley Council, a grant of a £1.9m from the National Lottery Heritage Fund, £25,000 from the Government Pocket Parks Fund, and £50,000 from the Landfill Trust.
The Council has decided to secure new management arrangements by seeking to appoint a new managing agent to not only take on the responsibility for the golf course but for the whole of the Bowring Park site.

Those parties interested in the managing agent role should access this opportunity via the Council’s e-tendering system The Chest

The closing date is 17 February 2020 at 9.30am

Project Information Memorandum


Appendix A:    Instructions to Bidders

Appendix B:    Standard Selection Questionnaire template


Schedule 1:     An Introduction to Bowring Park

Schedule 2:     The Conservation Management Plan for Bowring Park

Schedule 3:     The Maintenance Plan for Bowring Park

Schedule 4:     Information about the Huyton Partnership Area of Knowsley

Schedule 5:     The Community Engagement Programme

Schedule 6:     Information on Bowring Park Golf Course