Find out what the symptoms are for coronavirus, what you should do if you have these symptoms, where you can find more information and what steps to take to prevent spreading the virus.

Coronavirus: What you need to know

Public health is a statutory responsibility of the Local Authority. The aim of the service is to improve the health and wellbeing of Knowsley residents. Health is not only about hospital services and general practice, it has a much wider definition that includes the environment, employment, housing and education all of which have an impact on health and wellbeing throughout the life course

Healthy Knowsley is a service available to adults over 18 who live or work in Knowsley. It prvodies a range of health and wellbeing issues such as eating more healthily, becoming more active, cutting down on alcohol, managing stress, and tips to help you sleep better.

This page contains information on Free NHS Health Checks for Knowsley Residents aged 40-74 years*

Public Health is a key partner on Knowsley’s Health and Wellbeing Board, which brings together key leaders from the health and care system in Knowsley to understand the needs of residents, agree priorities and encourage collaboration between the NHS, the council and local services.

We know that sometimes life can be tough – money worries, relationship problems, stresses with school life – but you’re not on your own and there’s lots of help and support available to you. 

Looking for information about local services or activities in Knowsley for Adults then The LiveWell Directory is a great place to start your search.   Explore options for care and support or find social activities and clubs.