Coronavirus cases in Knowsley

Notes and data from latest Outbreak Management Board

Published 10 June (cases data from the 14-day period ending 6 June 2021)

Care home staff and resident cases removed due to potential skew data at ward level.


Ward Name Total
Whitefield 7
Northwood <5
Cherryfield <5
Shevington 19


Ward Name Total
Page Moss 15
Roby 7
St Gabriels 11
St Michaels 13
Stockbridge <5
Swanside <5


Ward Name Total
Halewood North <5
Halewood South 0


Ward Name Total
Prescot North 8
Prescot South <5

Whiston and Cronton

Weekly Total                                           <5

Source: Public Health England (Covid-19 Situational Awareness Explorer).