SHLAA (Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment) Call for Sites Exercise


Knowsley Council is inviting interested parties to submit suggestions for new housing development as part of the Knowsley 2022 Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment (SHLAA).

The primary role of the SHLAA is to identify sites with potential for housing and assess when they are likely to be developed. This enables the council to assess whether there is an adequate local housing land supply. The SHLAA is not a statement of council policy, it does not allocate sites for housing, and it does not signify the start of a new Local Plan.
The 2022 SHLAA will have a base date of 1 April 2022. Interested parties can submit sites they consider suitable for housing through the council’s Call for Sites exercise by completing a Call for Sites Form and including a location plan of the site considered suitable for housing. Only sites submitted during the six-week period from Monday 20 June 2022 to 5pm on Monday 1 August 2022 will be considered as part of the 2022 SHLAA.
The council will give due consideration to all sites put forward, but they will be assessed against planning policy and other relevant planning considerations. Submitting details of a particular site does not guarantee that the council will include the site in the SHLAA and the council’s housing supply.
In subsequent years it is envisaged that the council will undertake a SHLAA annually and to foster this process the council invites interested parties to submit site suggestions for new housing development at any point after 1 August 2022 to be considered in future SHLAAs.
Interested parties can submit sites by emailing a Call for Sites Form and a location plan to or by posting them to the following address: Planning Policy Team, Knowsley Council, Huyton Library, Civic Way, Huyton, Knowsley, L36 6GD.